O2 Wallets secured in Germany


G&D ensures security of O2 Wallet payments in Germany

Munich-based technology group, Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), has announced it is set to ensure the security of applications in Telefonica Germany's electronic wallet, the O2 Wallet.

In February the telco became the first network operator in Germany to launch a wallet service. As part of a Friendly User Test, O2 customers are able to use their NFC-enabled smartphones with the related NFC SIM card to make contactless payments in all participating shops around the world, while in future, the O2 Wallet will be expanded to include further applications such as coupons and loyalty programmes.

For the wallet service's pilot phase, G&D is providing the NFC SIM cards and the Trusted Service Manager (TSM) service.

With the O2 Wallet, customers can use their cell phone to make contactless payments in any shop that displays the MasterCard PayPass logo. G&D is providing the O2 Wallet's TSM service, which forms the basis for secure payments.

As part of the TSM service, users' personal payment card details are transferred to a specially protected area on the NFC SIM card. The TSM also provides additional lifecycle management services, such as locking and unlocking the payment applications, for example in the event the NFC-enabled smartphone is lost.

Today, payments made with mobile devices are as secure as those made with chip-based bank cards. G&D's certified software and hardware elements, including its TSM services, fulfil the highest security requirements of payment providers such as MasterCard or Visa for payment transaction applications.

Telefonica and G&D reached an agreement at the end of 2011 to establish a European-wide platform for NFC services. This agreement also covers provision of the necessary TSM technology.


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