Openwave Mobility launches kit for Apple compliance


Subscriber data management solution can handle encrypted and non-encrypted sessions

Openwave Mobility, a software provider enabling operators to manage and monetise encrypted mobile data, has announced the launch of Smart Identity Manager (SmartidM) for mobile operators to effectively manage their subscribers’ data, and launch new services.

SmartidM is part of the company’s Subscriber Data Management (SDM) portfolio of products. Use cases for SmartidM include centralised ID management for fraud prevention, delivering BingeOn type services and introducing micropayments that require collaboration between mobile operators and OTTs.

From 1 January 2017, Apple will force all apps to comply with its App Transport Security (ATS) HTTPS encryption protocols. This will adversely impact mobile operators that do not have the technology to manage encrypted traffic. SmartidM is able to handle both encrypted and non-encrypted sessions and a number of operators are deploying Openwave Mobility’s technology ahead of Apple’s deadline for new protocols.

What is more, mobile operators will not be able to use header enrichment to deliver a personalised experience to subscribers and monetise services.

“Apple’s mandatory move to HTTPS is part of a challenging trend for mobile operators” said Indranil Chatterjee, SVP of product and sales at Openwave Mobility. “In some regions, nearly 80% of the data travelling on the network is encrypted and mobile operators are losing the ability to collaborate with app developers and deliver more tailored services to their subscribers. Our SDM technology is designed to help mobile operators deliver a more secure and higher quality app experience to their subscribers.”

All SDM solutions from Openwave Mobility, including SmartidM are NFV-enabled and futureproof. The robust security capabilities on SmartidM allows operators to transmit data and information with network applications and trusted third parties securely.


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