Orange and Facebook partner


At Mobile World Congress 2012, Orange announced that it is partnering with Facebook on initiatives to create new and compelling mobile web applications and experiences for our customers.Orange stated it is joining the newly created W3C Core Mobile Web Platform Community Group. The community group's goal is to accelerate the adoption of the mobile web as a platform for the development of modern mobile web applications.The group will bring developers, equipment manufacturers, browser vendors, operators and other relevant members of the industry together to agree on core features developers can depend on, create related conformance test suites and provide to W3C (and non-W3C) groups use cases, scenarios, and other input related to enabling successful mobile web app development.Additionally, Orange announced that it is working closely with Facebook to implement a seamless billing option for our costumers, and that it is committed to making mobile payments as easy as possible for web applications.'At Orange, we believe that there is boundless potential in what developers can achieve with mobile web applications, and the new mobile experiences that can be created,' said Xavier Perret, vice president of strategic partnerships at Orange. 'By partnering with Facebook on these initiatives, we are helping to accelerate the development of the mobile web, creating new and exciting services for our customers.'


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