Parental Controls app launched


AdaptiveMobile, provider of mobile security, has announced the launch of its Parental Controls app to mark Safer Internet Day. Safer Internet Day is organised by Insafe to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones.

With global mobile phone penetration nearing 78%, and mobile internet fast overtaking traditional ‘fixed’ internet in continents such as Africa, it is imperative that young consumers are protected from threats such cyberbullying and harmful content, and this solution has been developed to answer this challenge.

'Children today are exposed to a range of threats from malicious phone calls from school bullies to inappropriate content on websites,' said Ciaran Bradley, VP of handset security, AdaptiveMobile. 'For this reason, we have enhanced our Parental Controls Solution by developing a dedicated app, which allows parents and guardians to protect children, but without needing complex rules and set-up procedures. The app works across Android, BlackBerry and iPhone devices and provides parents with the flexibility to maintain their children’s mobile safety without having to be near a PC. '

AdaptiveMobile’s Parental Control solution enables operators to offer call, SMS and MMS blocking, as well as a range of web filtering services. The service can be precisely customised to allow access to certain websites during certain times, for example, access to outside of school hours, or phone calls to friends between 5pm and 9pm. 'It should not be difficult for parents to ensure that their children are not being exposed to inappropriate or harmful content,' continued Bradley.

'It is imperative that protecting children from harmful content online is as easy as possible and can be done on the move, from a phone, rather than having to be near a fixed PC. Safer Internet Day helps to promote best practise online and on mobile devices today, and we are pleased to support this initiative with our new solution.'

AdaptiveMobile’s Parental Control solution will enable mobile operators throughout the world to ensure that their customer have an enhanced level of protection across not only phones, but also tablet and other SIM-enabled devices. The product is available from March 2012.


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