Personal trainers come to mobile apps


University of the Body launches crowd funding campaign to revolutionise health and fitness industry

University of the Body has launched a mobile app that provides gym users with their own personal trainer on a smartphone.

The product claims to deliver a year long gym fitness training programme in HD video. The feature length films are compatible with any smartphone and are made to provide gym goers with real time personal training throughout their entire workout sessions. University of the Body has been developed by a team of certified fitness trainers, app developers and a professional film crew, who aim to revolutionise the fitness industry. Videos will be delivered directly to subscribers' smartphones and will cover all aspects of a workout, from basic training guidelines to high level performance coaching through weights training, cardio circuits and flexibility programmes. The app has now launched a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo in order to launch.

Personal training is proven to significantly enhance performance and results, claimed University of the Body. Altogether, 90% of gym members who say they are 'achieving their fitness goals' have a personal trainer. However, just 12% of gym goers can afford a professional training, leaving a major gap in the market. Peter Rodwell, founder of University of the Body, explained: 'We are making consistently high quality coaching readily available at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer. Developments in technology and a dramatic uptake of smart devices have created new channels to deliver personal training and while there are plenty of apps available, none has been developed to simulate a personal training session, let alone progressive workouts with a certified coach. 'Routine is boring. University of the Body will equip gym users with a mixed and creative set of workout videos which they can combine to suit their specific goals each week, and new progressive workouts every month. We want to make the gym fun, safe and rewarding for all,' he added. University of the Body has been designed for maximum ease of use. Videos are downloaded directly onto a smart device each month. Once at the gym, users only have to press play. They watch a brief demo video before the audio soundtrack coaches them through every rep and set and are even instructed how to set up for their next exercise during their timed recovery.

Every client is also fully supported online with exercise theory videos and live weekly Q&A with trainers.


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