Pinger launches mobile HD voice and text service


Pinger has announced the first free, global communications network that also connects to public telephone networks for free here in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress. The new service provides users on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS the ability to text and talk in HD for free.

The face of the new service is a picture-based interface that combines all communication types (SMS, calls, voicemails) into one simple conversation. Pinger users can communicate with other users on the Pinger network in HD,for higher quality calls, longer text messages, and more detailed picture messages.

Pinger's new picture-based user interface simplifies the mobile experience, centralising all communication in one place and arranging communications by person as opposed to by multiple applications and tabs.'Communicating with friends around the world should be easy, on your wallet and on your brain,' said Greg Woock, Pinger co-founder and CEO. 'Pinger makes this possible in two ways: you can SMS and talk absolutely free anywhere on the planet just by using Wi-Fi or your data plan; and all of your communications—SMS, calls, images, voicemails—are cleverly arranged in one conversation.'

Uniquely, Pinger not only enables people on the Pinger network to communicate for free, it also supports free SMS and voice calls to standard phones around the planet. Pinger users in the US and Germany are the first to experience free SMS and calling to the public networks, and Pinger plans to bring this unique functionality to 10 more countries before the end of the year.

Users outside these countries can still enjoy the simple, free picture-based interface with anyone who downloads the Pinger app on iOS, Android, Windows, or Macintosh.The Pinger apps will ship first on iOS and Android and follow on Windows and Macintosh.


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