Powa Technologies extends PowaTag Nordic reach


Giving merchants easy access to PowaTag purchasing technology with Teller

Powa Technologies has announced a partnership with Teller, an international card payments acquirer in the Nordics, to give merchants easy access to mobile commerce platform, PowaTag.

The two companies have come together to bring the PowaTag solution to businesses across the Nordics including over 100,000 Teller clients.

Commented Henrik Vrang Thomsen, director of sales at Teller: “PowaTag gives merchants access to a new sales channel and a simplified purchase process, both online and in physical stores. The consumers just scan the tags they see in an advert, pick up on a sound they hear in a commercial or touch the PowaTag logo next to the merchandise shown on their smartphone, and then purchase with a single click on their phone.”

The reseller agreement expands PowaTag’s existing footprint in Denmark. It follows on from the company’s recent partnership with Danske Bank, which will integrate its MobilePay app with PowaTag, providing 2.3 million MobilePay users with access to the platform.

MobilePay users will be able to simply open the app, scan a PowaTag and instantly make a purchase via MobilePay.

Beyond Denmark, MobilePay has a strong presence in Finland and was also recently launched in Norway.

With PowaTag’s capabilities set to be used across the Nordics, Danish sporting goods chain Sport 24 has already signed an agreement with Teller to use the platform.

Frank Kipper Jensen, IT manager at Sport 24, said: “The biggest advantage for us is that PowaTag supports the combination of physical and online trade that we already offer our customers. It is a revolutionary opportunity that we want to be able to offer our customers as a first. It will improve convenience for our customers and will give us a clearer picture of how traffic is generated compared to where the purchase takes place.”

Sport 24, which has stores across Denmark and a strong presence online, will use PowaTag codes on both virtual and physical banners, in catalogues and on the specific products. It is also rolling out the solution allowing customers to shop via PowaTag.

Dan Wagner, CEO and founder of Powa Technologies, commented: “With Denmark leading the way towards a cashless society, we see huge potential in this agreement. Both merchants and consumers will soon have easy access to PowaTag, with Teller’s presence bringing our platform to merchants across the Nordics, and millions of consumers being able to readily use PowaTag through MobilePay or the Powa app.”


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