Presentations come to tablets and smartphones


PowerVote, provider of interactive technology for conferences and presentations, has announced its mobile and tablet product, an offering that promises to boost audience engagement and improve event outcomes.

PowerVote's new technology allows presentations to be streamed directly to an audience's smartphones and tablets. So as well as getting a close view of the presenter's PowerPoint slides, the audience can now use their phone or tablet to interact with the presentation and provide feedback.

In addition to harvesting insights from the audience in real time, speakers and events professionals can use the interactive technology to turn their passive audience into a highly engaged, highly involved group of participants. And as research shows, active learning is vital to ensure that lessons are not only learned but also retained.

PowerVote managing director, Didier Moulin, said: 'We give our clients the tools to create unforgettable events and to achieve better results from every training session or presentation they deliver. We constantly develop our products and services so our clients benefit from new approaches to audience engagement. We're especially proud of this latest innovation because it expands the ways our clients can capture and analyse insights from their audiences.'

PowerVote UK works with businesses and institutions such as the NHS, Mercedes-Benz, Allen & Overy, HSBC, Deloitte and the Hilton Group, and can create apps and interactions for conferences and events.


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