RIM chooses Bell ID for secure NFC


Bell ID Mobile Token Manager Software to be used in RIM's mobile payments solution

Bell ID has announced that its Token Manager Software is being used by RIM in its Secure Element Manager (SEM) solution for NFC mobile payments.

Bell ID Mobile Token Manager Software is a vendor-neutral software platform used by Trusted Service Manager (TSM) solutions like RIM's SEM, which coordinates the technical and business relationships of multiple stakeholders to deliver and maintain payment services on a mobile device.

The security product provides for over the air lifecycle management of applications, cryptographic keys and any from-factor secure element on NFC devices. It enables TSM solutions to supply service providers, such as banks and retailers, with the means to securely provision, store and update their credentials and applications on NFC capable devices. By following global industry standards, Bell ID Mobile Token Manager ensures future proof interoperability with other TSMs and third party NFC services.

Andrew Bocking, senior vice president, software product management at RIM, commented: 'We selected Bell ID for its broad experience within multiple vertical markets and proven technical ability to manage infrastructure complexity. With Bell ID's Mobile Token Manager Software, we have been able to implement the necessary framework to oversee the secure delivery and management of mobile NFC services to any NFC capable device, including BlackBerry smartphones. As the software is vendor neutral, we have the flexibility to work with any third party provider to manage a global NFC ecosystem.'

Pat Curran, executive chairman at Bell ID, added: 'With this implementation, Bell ID has proven its capability to provide true carrier grade software, which can support high volumes and high throughput for global multi-application real time token management solutions.'


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