RIM releases Enterprise Service 10


BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 now available for download

RIM has announced that its new Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, is now available for download.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 adds to BlackBerry EMM by bringing together device management, security, and mobile applications management for BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, and new BlackBerry 10 smartphones in a consolidated solution. It also provides a single console for managing BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is built on the same security and connectivity model used for BlackBerry 10 smartphones, the first two of which are due to launch on 30 January.

Key features due out on the as yet unreleased BlackBerry 10 smartphones with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 include support for secure separation of work and personal applications and data on BlackBerry 10 smartphones through BlackBerry Balance technology, plus support for secure access to work email, content and secure connectivity to 'behind the firewall' applications and data.

Also, BlackBerry World for Work, the new corporate app storefront for BlackBerry 10 smartphones, will allow companies to easily manage apps for employees. HeatherMcLeanistrators can also push and install the organisation's mandatory apps to both corporate and personal-owned devices and publish recommended apps to employees.

'BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 empowers employees to be more productive and better equipped to serve customers while it provides business and IT leaders with the confidence that corporate data is protected and the manageability that CIOs and IT departments have long enjoyed with BlackBerry,' said Peter Devenyi, senior vice president, enterprise software, RIM.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 gives organisations a scalable solution and the flexibility to manage their mobile deployment as needed. It supports both corporate-owned device and BYOD deployments and mixed environments of BlackBerry and other devices, providing mobile device management, mobile application management, and secure access to corporate data.

It includes an intuitive, unified, web-based HeatherMcLeanistration console to manage devices and users. It also supports BlackBerry Balance technology, which elegantly separates and secures work applications and data from personal content on BlackBerry devices.

Added Nick McQuire, research director for mobile enterprise strategies EMEA at IDC: 'BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 brings some important technology, cost and operational improvements to existing BlackBerry customers. We believe RIM is poised to capitalize on its strong history in delivering reliable, scalable and secure mobile enterprise management solutions to help organisations address an increasingly diverse mobile environment.' 


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