Roambi Business app launches


Reveals news study that shows 69% of businesses plan to increase technology investments this year

Roambi, a data analysis business app, has today announced the launch of Roambi Business, the company's new secure cloud platform. Roambi Business helps organise data from a variety of sources by providing organisations of all sizes with instant access to data-derived insights.

From sources including big data, Excel spreadsheets, CRM systems, databases, and traditional business intelligence systems, Roambi Business transforms data to highlight important issues and deliver key insights to end users while on the move. Roambi Business extends big data insights to every level of an organisation, providing users with the ability to view and interact with minute by the minute company information from the palm of their hand.

'Data of all sizes is breaking loose from the iron grip of on-premise databases and moving to the cloud,' said Santiago Becerra, cofounder and CEO of Roambi. 'By bringing the Roambi experience to the cloud we are offering mobile workers in organisations of all sizes the ability to access and use critical business data whenever and wherever it makes sense. Roambi is at the nexus of three converging business trends: cloud computing, big data, and mobility. With the launch of Roambi Business we feel we are in a strong position to help our customer and partner network maximise business success while capitalising on these technology trends.'

Key Roambi Business features include a cloud-based platform, that is secure, scalable and hosted on Amazon Web Services, plus a simple productivity style app that lets users easily create high end visualisations from any device, including tablets. It also provides a full suite of powerful HeatherMcLeanistrative features that gives HeatherMcLeans all the tools they need to manage their users, content, devices, and more, plus Roambi's suite of features are centrally secure with remote wipe, file expiration, application passcodes, and file recall. Furthermore, today Roambi released its 'Big Data, Big Insights' study that reveals a growing demand for mobile and visual data access across organisations. The study showed that nearly half of businesses (47%) have seen stronger than expected business growth in the first quarter of 2013 and 69% plan to increase technology investments this year. The top three spending priorities are data visualisation tools, mobile hardware or software, and business intelligence/big data solutions.

Additionally, the overwhelming majority of businesses questioned (70%) conduct half or more of their business outside of the office. This trend will only accelerate as 82% expect the mobile or remote work to increase this year, noted Roambi.

On the go productivity is also on the rise, according to the study; 82% said they are just as productive or more productive when working outside the office. Access to critical business documents and apps on mobile devices was cited as most helpful in boosting productivity.

Also, respondents ranked data visualisation second only to email as the most critical mobile app and said interactive charts and graphs reveal the most helpful business insights. PowerPoint presentations, text-only reports and Excel spreadsheets are among the least effective formats for understanding and presenting data, respondents said.

Finally, 83% of those questioned have been surprised by what their data reveals. More than a third characterised data as overwhelming or anxiety-producing.


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