SearchYourCloud delivers free and secure search app


Enhanced search technology now free for individual users

Simplexo has announced that its SearchYourCloud (SYC) secure search application is now free for individual users.

SYC delivers secure and fast search across various clouds. Its patented improved search engine offers full text search by using Boolean and semantic search technologies to deliver accurate results by retrieving outcomes based on overall relevance to the query and keywords. The application runs on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Box, Dropbox or Google Drive.

To achieve strong cloud security, data is synchronised to the cloud provider where it is fully encrypted to AES 256 and can be securely accessed from a tablet or smartphone. SYC prevents unauthorised access and does not create a direct network connection between a mobile device and the host computer or network.

It is also optimised for mobile; SYC is able to deliver accurate search results from a simple search phrase rather than the need of multiple phrases, like other search engines. Federating across multiple services and the ability to perform search using the limited display size enables mobile users to manage their time and screen more effectively. In the latest version of SYC, users do not even need to have a desktop version.

SYC users who have previously paid for the application will receive a reimbursement from the company automatically via their Paypal account, or directly back to the payment card used. The service is designed to meet the needs of those prosumer individuals who have several free cloud storage accounts.

Simon Bain, SYC CEO, commented: 'We are broadening the accessibility of our search application, and while other applications are charging individual users, we are letting users utilise our ground-breaking technology free of charge. The free version of our search app will appeal to individuals using numerous free cloud storage accounts who want to secure and enhance access to content. Enterprises looking to bring the search and security functionality to businesses will look toward the paid server-based version that includes additional capabilities.'

SYC is also available for searching Exchange 2003, Exchange 2010, SharePoint, Gmail, and Salesforce at a nominal fee per annum.


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