Smaato and Adsmobi merge for real time bidding


Smaato is integrating mobile demand platform Adsmobi to drive global mobile real time bidding revenue

Smaato, a global mobile ad exchange, has announced that it is integrating mobile direct demand platform Adsmobi into the Smaato programmatic demand team to drive global mobile real time bidding (RTB) revenue under one unified Smaato Media Demand team.

Ramy Yared, founder and managing director at Adsmobi, will become the new chief sales officer (CSO) of Smaato. He will lead Smaato's global sales team focused on the acquisition of new partners, both on the demand and supply side of the business.

Yared brings more than nine years of experience in mobile advertising to this role. He was co-founder and managing director at Adsmobi, and built up a global team with 45 employees, generating mobile advertising revenues worldwide. Prior to his leadership efforts at Adsmobi, Yared covered senior sales positions at Buzzcity and Media Plazza.

'Adsmobi is now fully integrated into the mobile RTB ad exchange Smaato as we see a shift to programmatic buying in the mobile advertising industry and more brand advertisers moving their marketing budgets into RTB every day,' said Yared. 'The experienced new Smaato Media Demand Team will help to further strengthen partnerships with DSPs connected to the RTB platform,' he added.

Since Adsmobi launched in February 2010, the company has seen three consecutive years of revenue growth with headquarters in New York and offices in Hamburg, London and Singapore.

Remarked Ragnar Kruse, CEO of Smaato: 'By integrating the Adsmobi team into Smaato, our demand and supply partners will greatly benefit from synergies on both sides of the mobile RTB ecosystem. This will further strengthen our leadership role in the mobile advertising industry as brands shift their focus on mobile advertising spend. Our unified demand and supply sales teams will work on building and supporting preferred partnerships with publishers and DSPs to rapidly driving mobile RTB revenue on a global scale.'


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