Smartphone tech support app raises funding


CrowdCare raises an additional $1million to launch the Wysdom mobile app

CrowdCare, inventor of simple app-ased tech support for smartphones, has announced that it has raised an additional $1million in funding and has launched its Wysdom beta mobile app.

Wysdom uses a codified knowledge base to deliver answers to questions subscribers have about their smartphones. The app is free for a limited time and in limited quantities. Wysdom is now available for anyone to test. It is available for most popular Android phones in the Google Play Store. The Apple iOS version will be launching soon.

CrowdCare created Wysdom in answer to the problem that there are 1.4 billion smartphones in the world and still nowhere for regular people to easily get answers to their everyday questions; searching forums is slow and full of contributions from people who do not know what they are talking about, while service providers cannot keep up with call centre demand as consumers phone in with questions.   'The opportunity to deliver great answers through an app based solution seems so obvious,' said Ian Collins, CEO at CrowdCare. 'We're working with mobile operators around the world to launch a white labelled version of the CrowdCare service so their subscribers have somewhere to get quick, accurate answers, anytime, any place.'  CrowdCare's patent-pending technology uses data from a customer's phone to add context to the subscriber's search and deliver an answer based on all of the knowledge gathered to date. AddedJeff Brunet, president at CrowdCare: 'Smartphones are now in the hands of regular people, not just the tech savvy early adopters of five years ago. We've only seen the tip of the iceberg, with the connected home and Internet of Things coming fast; a solution like CrowdCare is absolutely critical to avoid massive confusion.'


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