TELE Greenland expands roaming business


MACH, provider of cloud-based managed communication services, today announced that TELE Greenland is using its Roaming Implementation Service to rapidly build and expand its roaming business.

Since deployment and seven months into the project, the state-owned mobile network operator says it has experienced a 15% increase in roaming traffic, particularly data traffic, and more than a 20% rise in roaming revenues.

Christian Buch, head of billing and international roaming, TELE Greenland, commented: 'By partnering with MACH and deploying its Roaming Implementation Service, we have been able to rapidly expand our roaming business in a cost-effective manner. MACH's end-to-end management of the entire process has required minimal in-house resource from us, while at the same time allowed us to maintain full visibility of all activity and complete control over our overall roaming revenue business. The increased traffic and revenue which we have experienced as a result demonstrates the strong ROI of the solution within a relatively short timeframe and we anticipate even more benefits over the next three years.'

With MACH's service, TELE Greenland is benefiting from support for every single step of the roaming business expansion process, from initial strategy setting and the establishment of new roaming relationships (including the mandatory IREG and TADIG testing), to contract negotiation, roadmap advice, business analytics and re-rating. The business analytics functionality of the service has highlighted missed revenue streams, such as prepaid roaming, while the ability to optimise the roaming rollout list has also helped to increase traffic.

Philippe Ribonnet, chief operations officer, MACH commented: 'By working closely with the team at TELE Greenland and building up a strong partnership, we have helped the operator achieve rapid roaming coverage expansion in the most cost-effective way and with minimum in-house resources, boosting its roaming traffic and increasing its roaming revenues. Through this partnership, TELE Greenland has benefited from our extensive expertise and knowledge in the roaming implementation space, as well as from our all-important operator relationships and negotiation skills, to guarantee rapid expansion of its roaming business.'

With the largest number of roaming relationships in the industry, MACH is well positioned to offer its strategic advice and implementation expertise to operators like TELE Greenland who are looking to grow their global roaming businesses. MACH's Roaming Implementation Service offers operators a customisable solution which can be scaled up or down to suit individual needs. The service allows operators to quickly and cost effectively expand their roaming businesses, driving down inhouse resource and costs, while maintaining full visibility of activity and control over revenue.


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