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Enables website and mobile app developers to send locations directly to the Telmap Location Companion

Telmap, pioneer in mobile location-based services, has announced the launch of two new APIs dedicated to create the linkage between websites and mobile apps delivering points of interest information and its Mobile Location Companion.

Users of websites that provide information about various points of interest can now send the location (address or business information) directly to the Telmap powered location companion application that's installed on their mobile device, free of charge.

In order to send the information from the website to the location companion, users need to click on the 'send to my GPS' button that is embedded in participating websites, and enter their mobile number. The location information is sent and saved to 'my places' within the Telmap Mobile Location Companion. The user can then access the location information on the Telmap app, see full details of the location, post a Facebook post about it, Tweet about it, call the business, and more.

In addition, Telmap has developed a similar capability for mobile applications. In this case, since the user is already using a mobile application, this innovative implementation embeds a 'click to navigate' button next to locations mentioned within the mobile app the user is engaged with. Once this button is clicked, the Telmap Mobile Location Companion installed on the same user device is immediately provoked, with a navigation session to the requested location already programmed in, so the navigation session starts immediately.

Remarked Motti Kushnir, Telmap chief marketing officer: 'The linkage between different screens is one of the major challenges our industry is coping with today. Telmap has developed and launched these two innovations aiming at providing a seamless user experience across screens. We are well aware that plans for business or leisure trips are many times made on the tablet or laptop.

'The ability to send location information to your mobile location companion with one click, or automatically initiate a navigation session from any mobile application that provides information about locations, significantly increases value and convenience to end users. The new offering is extremely easy for developers to implement and embed and we already see that it contributes to increased usage both for Telmap and the participating websites, while creating a new user experience standard.'

Telmap is now in the process of implementing these new capabilities with many additional websites and mobile applications in its key markets, facilitating smoother transition between web and mobile.


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