Verizon announces ‘hum’ for connected cars


New service modernises roadside assistance by bringing together diagnostics and expert care

Verizon Telematics has announced the commercial availability of hum, an aftermarket vehicle technology and subscription service that enables drivers on the road to make their car smarter through a simple solution regardless of their wireless service provider.

First announced in January at the North American International Auto Show as Verizon Vehicle, hum provides subscribers in the US with a self-installed solution that helps predict potential issues, prevents breakdowns and offers protection when problems do arise.

At the press of a button, drivers receive diagnostic information, pinpoint roadside assistance and live consultation with ASE-certified mechanics and emergency personnel on-demand.

“Hum is an important service, one that we feel passionately will help save lives and keep drivers and their loved ones protected whether they are traveling across town or across the country,” said Andrés Irlando, CEO at Verizon Telematics. “This service equips drivers on the road today with the same level of information about their vehicles that fitness wearables deliver about our health. Simply put, hum democratises the safety and convenience of vehicle connectivity.”

Powered by Verizon Telematics Technology deployed to some of the world’s most prominent automakers, insurance companies and fleet managers for more than a decade – as the telematics service provider’s first direct-to-consumer offering – hum is compatible with more than 150 million passenger vehicles on the road today.

To use, subscribers need to install hum through an onboard diagnostic (OBD) reader that is plugged into the vehicle’s OBD port, and a Bluetooth-enabled device that is clipped to the visor. The monthly subscription also includes a smartphone app allowing subscribers to monitor their vehicle health, contact help, and manage maintenance needs, even when they are not behind the wheel.

Through GPS-based technology, hum helps accurately dispatch advanced roadside assistance, alerts emergency personnel of a car’s location if a crash is detected, and assists authorities in locating a vehicle that has been reported stolen.

“By modernising traditional roadside assistance, hum is designed to deliver ultimate peace-of-mind behind the wheel,” Irlando added. “Now, in addition to being protected with live help and emergency services, drivers will know what their check engine light means and will be empowered with information and knowledge on how to get the problem fixed and what it may cost.”

Further features of hum include Pinpoint Roadside Assistance for breakdowns, flat tires, overheating, dead battery or virtually anything else that might require towing or roadside assistance, plus Incident Alert & Emergency Assistance that notifies the hum emergency response centre if the system detects an incident; help will be dispatched to the vehicle’s GPS location if an accident is confirmed or if there is no response from the driver for additional support, and drivers can also initiate a call at the push of a button to speak with a trained, live agent.

Two year subscription plans to hum start at $14.99 per month plus taxes, fees and equipment for the first vehicle (including the hardware, valued at $120) with the option to add other vehicles for less.


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