Vodafone Project Spring awards Ericsson with deal


Ericsson awarded five year deal as part of Vodafone's Project Spring organic investment programme

Vodafone has awarded Ericsson with a five year agreement as part of its <a href='../FullArticle.aspx?newsid=1694%20'>Project Spring</a> organic investment programme initial phase. This network transformation contract includes both products and services to further enhance the Vodafone network quality and provide superior end user performance.

The contract includes upgrading and the expansion of Vodafone's 2G and 3G network, plus ambitious build-out of 4G LTE. It also encompasses professional services such as network roll out, integration, tuning and optimisation, as well as support services

Ericsson will now be part of Vodafone's aggressive growth plan for both coverage and capacity under Project Spring. Ericsson's service professionals will transform the Vodafone network into a high performance network for mobile broadband with full 4G LTE support.

The product part of the agreement include Ericsson's full RBS 6000 portfolio as well as Ericsson's unique Antenna Integrated Radio (AIR) product.

Hans Vestberg, president and CEO, Ericsson, said: 'We have been a trusted partner of Vodafone for 30 years and we are delighted to continue and expand our relationship with this latest award under Project Spring.'

Project Spring is Vodafone's organic network and services investment programme with a fund of &pound;7 billion.


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