WeDo Technologies launches Android RAID TEG


App improves profit protection, customer satisfaction and productivity

WeDo Technologies, provider of enterprise business assurance, has launched RAID TEG, an Android app that enables communication service providers to monitor and test their network service and coverage for fraud and revenue assurance related issues.

As network equipment has changed from switches to IP based core networks and end to end IP services to multiple devices, service providers are faced with multiple device IDs across many different channels such as mobile, GSM, LTE and fixed line networks, noted WeDo. As a result, usage information and intelligence has begun to move away from centralized systems to end points, such as the smartphone, the company claimed.

In 2012, WeDo Technologies registered a patent, 'Communication System with Distributed Risk Management Solution (DRMS)', which permits end point data to be collected by a central system that would otherwise not be seen. This end point data can now be collected and monitored via WeDo Technologies' RAID Test Event Generator (TEG), providing valuable information for the network, customer and marketing teams. RAID TEG allows data to be gathered for analysis on a customer by customer basis, enabling service providers to focus on the highest risk customers. This minimises the risk of control related data that needs to be collected from traditional network elements, which ultimately makes risk detection smarter for service providers. It does this by generating significant savings on processing power for end users by securing their service and optimising their user experience. The RAID TEG Android app works by being installed on service providers co-worker or customer terminal devices. Tests are then defined in WeDo's proven software suite RAID and are sent to the RAID TEG app in the smartphone, with the results then returned back in real time to the RAID central server. Within the server, analysts can create tests packages, analyse events from both terminal devices and the CSP network, reconcile the events and have several statistics, business sensors and KPI's to assess and follow up on the business processes being assessed. 'Perceiving how organisations are subjected to business risks is driving innovation at WeDo Technologies. New industry challenges only accelerate our development with new products that help communications service providers to enhance their business and improve efficiency and profitability,' commented João Resende, VP of product development, WeDo Technologies. 'RAID TEG really takes monitoring, customer satisfaction and profit protection to the next level,' Resende concluded.


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