• Heather-mugshotSmart Chimps is the creation of freelance editor, writer and media trainer, Heather McLean. Heather has been involved in telecoms journalism since 2001, specialising in mobile since 2002.

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  • Smart Chimps is the place where bright people and hot mobile technology evolve together.

    Smart Chimps is all about mobile, from the people behind the latest technologies and services, to those inside businesses and homes who are putting that innovation into action.

    Smart Chimps focuses on the mobile ecosystem with a particular interest in the content that is driving the evolution of this marketplace, including hot areas for 2016 such as mobile developers, wearable tech, mobile money, the Internet of Things, and operating systems.

    Bringing the mobile community and smart technology together, Smart Chimps also takes an overview of the mobile market, from country profiles and global trends, into networks, operators, and vertical sectors, plus how this industry revolutionises and changes the way businesses operate day to day, and how the consumer experiences life through the small screen.

    Smart Chimps is a business to business and business to consumer site, covering daily news, plus features, case studies, Q&As, video, and opinion.

    The sections on Smart Chimps drill down into the following areas:

    Internet of Things – IoT, the connected world and M2M
    Developers + Apps – developers and the apps they create
    Payments + Banking – mobile money, banking and payments
    Health + Telecare – mobile healthcare apps and technology
    Devices + Platforms – smartphones, tablets, wearables and operating systems
    Security + Biometrics – mobile security and biometric security
    Location + Advertising – location based services and mobile advertising
    Enterprises + Verticals – the enterprise and vertical markets
    Operators + Networks – mobile operators and mobile networks

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    Advertise on Smart Chimps and gain access to our readers daily and via our weekly newsletter. Sponsor a Hot Topic month to tie in with your company’s focus. If you would like to get involved in new business opportunities with Smart Chimps, contact Heather McLean on heather@mclean-media.com or call +44 (0) 7986 473 520.

  • Smart Chimps Hot Topics

    As the world of mobile is so vast, each month Smart Chimps focuses on a hot topic so our readers can gain valuable insight into specific areas that are driving this fast moving ecosystem.

    Smart Chimps publishes monthly features, profiles, bylined articles, Q&As and news stories. If you would like to submit related news, contribute a byline, participate in a Q&A or feature, or sponsor the site during months of interest, contact Heather on heather@mclean-media.com.

    Editorial deadlines: Send in ideas for bylines, blogs, and interesting companies and technologies for Q&As, one to two months before your preferred Hot Topic begins. Items are published throughout the Hot Topic month so we try to have a good deal of copy ready prior to the beginning of the month, but we do accept articles during the themed month.

    HOT TOPICS 2017

    January 2017
    Trends & Challenges in 2017
    This month we look ahead at the year to see what is in store for the mobile ecosystem, what the big trends are going to be across all of our hot topics, and what those in the know are forecasting.

    February 2017
    Security & Biometrics
    Mobile security is a huge area, and one that is continuing to grow in significance as more and more information is transferred onto our pocket-sized computers. From biometrics to identity protection, we look at who is doing what.

    March 2017
    Mobile & Education
    The education market is vast, as are its needs and demands. Today, mobile is an integral part of the education sector, in providing access to learning and innovating ways of providing education to students. We take a closer look at this vertical market.

    April 2017
    Internet of Things
    The IoT, connected homes and cites, driverless cars and M2M; all are changing the way we live and the way we interact with the machines and networks around us. We take a look at what is happening, and where it is going.

    May 2017
    Health & Telecare

    Mobile technology is making great strides in the mobile health arena. This month we look at the companies, organisations and technologies in this area, from what they are doing to how they are helping.

    June 2017
    VR & AR
    Cutting edge tech is always an exciting topic, and this month we take a look at how and where augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are impacting on the mobile world.

    July 2017
    Mobile Video
    Video is possibly the most popular mobile application on the face of the planet today. However, it places a lot of demands on those who provide it to consumers, from the networks to the content providers. We take a look at the challenges.

    August 2017
    Location & Advertising
    Location based services (LBS) and advertising are intrinsically linked, and thanks to advances in technologies, are reaching mobile massmarket acceptance, and irritation. We take a look at the pros and cons.

    September 2017
    Operators & Networks
    With 5G on the way and 4G now part of our daily world, we look at the challenges that mobile operators, infrastructure providers and integrators are facing, as well as the successes.

    October 2017
    Wearable Technology

    Wearables are now part of our daily lives, growing in significance as a way to improve health, sift information, and to manage the work-life balance. We take a look at what’s out there, where it’s going, and how it might be used going forward.

    November 2017
    Payments & Banking

    Mobile money is making banking, payments, life, fraud and theft a lot more interesting. Here we see how mobile money, payments and banking are taking off and changing lives in both developed and developing countries.

    December 2017
    Devices & Platforms
    We look at what mobile device manufacturers have to offer, from technologies and trends in the smartphone, tablet, smartwatch and fitness band space, as well as exploring the platforms battling it out in the industry.

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