Apple to launch m-wallet on iPhone 6?


Rumour mill says iPhone 6 will include NFC for mobile payments

Apple is rumoured to be getting involved in the mobile payment world with the launch of iPhone 6, set to be released next week, according to a source.

Apple is planning to turn its next iPhone into a mobile wallet through a partnership with major payment networks, banks and retailers, a person familiar with the situation told Bloomberg.

Bloomberg reported that the agreement includes Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, and will be unveiled on 9 September along with the next iPhone.

The source stated that the new iPhone will make mobile payment easier by integrating near-field communication (NFC), something that many believed would be included in Apple's last phone launch.

NFC along with the iPhone 5's Touch ID fingerprint recognition reader, will allow consumers to securely pay for items in a store with the touch of a finger.


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