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By Frank Visciano, senior director of international at Udemy

The mobile market is driven by its apps and developers. App development is a very specialist field and as demand for apps grows, we are now experiencing a rise in demand to learn the skills needed to become an app developer.

Wannabe developers moving online

In the last year, we have seen a 140% increase in the number of online courses taken in the UK, 48% of which are enrolments that focused towards technical courses to learn programming, build apps and games, or design websites, according to our own research.

The sudden growth in online learning can be attributed to how jobs today are changing faster than ever, too fast in fact for the traditional education system to keep up and adequately train the next workforce. People are moving online to both equip themselves for today’s careers, but also open opportunities to turn their business dreams and ideas into a reality.

It’s no secret that creating an app able to top the app store charts across the globe can be a lucrative deal. Angry Birds, Candy Crash, Tindr and WhatsApp are multi-million pound businesses which have inspired a new generation of mobile users around the world to develop their own online skills to launch their own app and create their own success.

UK appconomy growing

In addition, the UK app economy is the biggest in Europe and expected to be worth £31 billion by the end of the year. This translates to a growth in demand for these skills in UK businesses and a larger number of jobs in this field.

App developers routinely have to learn and develop new skills. For example, as the latest version of iOS is released from Apple, developers need to be able to translate this to their apps to ensure they work on the latest software. Learning online is the quickest way for users and aspiring mobile app developers to get the most-up-to date teachings around app development.

The exciting thing about online learning is the speed of publishing content can more closely match the speed at which new technologies are released. That makes online learning the quickest way for aspiring mobile app developers to get the most-up-to date teachings around app development. We predict that as mobile apps continue to take a more prominent role in people’s day-to-day lives, the online learning surge will only accelerate.

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