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By Jason Jaynes, WP Engine

The web is going to die because mobile is winning. Email is going to die because everyone uses instant messaging. We’ve heard it so many times but the reality is, these channels will never die. What we are seeing is more; more channels, more traffic, and more ways of reaching audiences.

The last year saw developers grappling with the complexity associated with the explosion of these channels and the device operating systems that comes with the never ending list of new devices available.


As we look ahead, mobile developers need to focus on getting micro-moments right, a concept developed by Google to highlight the moment where a user need meets user access via mobile.

For example, at the moment of intent where a user goes to buy, mobile has the prime opportunity to take advantage of the situation and offer tailored messages and services in order to attract, convert and retain the customer.

It’s clear the smartphone has driven this behaviour and opportunity. According to Google, 82% of smartphone users turn to their phone to influence a purchasing decision while in store, and nearly two thirds are more likely to take action immediately to solve a problem.

So the question now is not what the possibilities are, but what can mobile developers do to maximise this?

Device agnostic

It’s impossible to meet a user in their micro-moment if you only support one operating system. Offering access via as many operating systems as possible maximises the chances of getting it right.

Likewise, with new devices entering the market in all shapes and size including tablet and smartwatch, developers need to use hybrid tools in order to deliver a truly device agnostic experience.

Outside the box

Think outside the box about how to meet users at the point of need in different ways. Not everything has to be a complex game or require multi-functional app. Dunkin’ Donuts is a great example. Through a simple, mobile web-app Dunkin’ Donuts is able to deliver a timely service at moments of intent to deliver value to the user.

The fun part is not about putting the technology in place, but thinking about ways to leverage the power of smartphones. With access to vast amounts of information including location services, preferences and maps, it’s possible to create unique consumer experiences around these moments.

Consider ways to connect user search behaviours directly to mobile experiences. As the above examples show, a simple Google search was the start of a successful customer journey, from point of interest right through to point of sale. As a developer, it is imperative you work with marketers to understand the needs of their users and then build experiences to address those specific requirements.

As the future of mobile continues to be one of change and uncertainty, mobile developers must embrace these micro-moments in order to deliver a truly differentiated experience. While the technology is available and accessible, and has been for some time, the next 12 months is now about leveraging the endless opportunities that derive from it.

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