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Mobidia releases new app insights guide highlighting global app and game usage trends for fourth quarter 2014

Mobile World Congress: Mobidia Technology, a mobile measurement and analytics company, has released a new fourth quarter app insights guide, highlighting mobile game and app usage trends during the end of 2014. The app insights guide shows category leaders, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, in social networking and gaming apps continued to grow in downloads, while new leaders, such as Trivia Crack, surfaced in the final quarter of 2014.

The competitive battleground was evident on Mobidia’s gaming leaderboard, where Candy Crush and Clash of Clans clamoured for first place. However, despite Candy Crush having more active users, Mobidia’s data shows Clash of Clans users were more engaged, spending more time in the app each month compared to Candy Crush.

On the app leaderboard, despite climbing the ranks in terms of number of users in the social networking category to align with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger’s usage remained flat, with significantly lower average screen time compared to competitors, including WhatsApp, Line and Viber.

Other usage trends highlighted by the fourth quarter insights guide included that Candy Crush and Clash of Clans continue to battle for the most monthly active users in many countries, however, Clash of Clans dominated in terms of time spent in the app and frequency. On average, Clash of Clans users played over 13 hours compared to Candy Crush users who played for only six hours. Clash of Clans users played 200 times per month, while Candy Crush users played less than 100 times per month, on average.

Despite the continued success of Candy Crush and Clash of Clans, Trivia Crack rose from its first appearance on the U.S. iOS top 100 leaderboard to the number one position in terms of monthly active users in a mere two months.

In terms of time spent, social networking and chat apps continued to enjoy the most engaged users of all app categories. Facebook continued to be the leader for iOS users in North America, while WhatsApp was the most used app for iOS users in Europe. Kakao was the leader in South Korea for both iOS and Android users.

On average, Facebook users are shown to spend over 12 hours in the app per month, compared to competitors Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest, in which users spend four, four, three and two hours respectively.

“Our data has informed the successful business strategies of numerous game and app developers and publishers around the world,” said Chris Hill, senior vice president of marketing at Mobidia. “We are thrilled to release our first app insights guide which joins a host of usage-based leaderboards and free resources on the Mobidia website that have proven to be powerful tools for the app industry.”

Mobidia’s data sample is the largest in the mobile app industry, informed by millions of Android and iOS users in over 200 countries and featuring more than two years of historical usage data, provided on a daily basis by users of Mobidia’s My Data Manager app.


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