Fitbit enriches fitness and activity tracking


Introduces multi-device support and enhanced food and activity logging

Mobile World Congress: Fitbit, pioneer of the fast growing connected health and fitness category, has announced new initiatives and motivational features enriching its interactive experience for existing and future Fitbit products here in Barcelona.

Fitbit is introducing new automated and smart features including multi-device support, as well as improved food logging for all Fitbit users. Fitbit is also rolling out additional types of fun Fitbit Challenges and added mobile features to drive inspiration and motivation, as well as partnering with Microsoft and Tory Burch.

Also at Mobile World Congress, Fitbit announced the availability of Fitbit Charge HR, which is now shipping across Europe, and Fitbit Surge, which is now shipping in UK with full availability across Europe from April. The company also announced it will extend popular features like on-device exercise summaries, which is already available on Fitbit Surge, to Fitbit Charge HR, as well as new features coming soon, like multi-device support across its entire product line.

Fitbit is further enhancing food logging to make it simpler, regardless of platform or global location

Now, iOS, Android and Windows users can use barcode scanning for effortless food logging with the snap of a camera button. An added bonus for Windows users is automated voice-activated food and activity logging with Cortana to make your life a little easier

Expanded and customised food logging will be available in March for users in EMEA across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, as well as in Australia, Canada, China, Korea and Mexico

This month users will be able to link any of the Fitbit devices to a single account.

Adding to the advanced technology within Fitbit Charge HR, on-display exercise summaries will be coming soon.

“Fitbit now offers customised food logging databases for our consumers across Europe, and the rest of the world, offering an even easier and seamless experience for our users,” said Gareth Jones, vice president and general manager, Fitbit EMEA. “As one of the most requested features, localised food databases provide a more tailored experience for users adding to the enhanced functionality of Fitbit’s food logging tools to help people reach their health and fitness goals faster.”

On the new devices, Benoit Raimbault, marketing director EMEA at Fitbit, told Smart Chimps: “Fitbit Charge and Surge are a new segment which we are calling the active fitness category on top of our everyday fitness segment. Fitbit has got 69% of the US marketshare so we are the clear leader, and that is because we have a full range of products connected to our app that we continuously try to make as relevant and easy to use for our customers as possible.”

Raimbault added that Charge allows you to monitor your pulse 24/7 which gives you a new look at your health and fitness. In the app you can see your heartrate over the course of a day or month, as well as your resting heartrate and your calorie burn. Surge is for people that have a fitness goal but that are also monitoring their progress. With this fitness sports watch, there is no need for a chest strap and it includes a heartrate monitor and GPS.


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