Appmobi launches threat detection app


Built to defend against any type of threat to mobile devices

Mobile security company, Appmobi has announced the launch of the Appmobi Protection Centre, a mobile security solution that detects and resolves attacks  at the app level. Advancing mobile threat detection and remediation, Appmobi Protection Centre was built to defend against any type of threat, and launches with support for common threat vectors like brute force login attempts, code injections, and reverse engineering. It is also completely customisable, enabling IT teams to add custom events, rules, and protections.

Appmobi Protection Centre takes mobile app security beyond passive monitoring, giving IT teams the ability to define actionable rules in order to protect company data, be it forcing a user to reauthorise, lock down access to corporate services, delete all app data on the device, block app access, force an encryption key rotation, notify an administrator, or send an alert to trigger an action by an existing enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.

It utilises machine learning coupled with an IT-defined rules engine to analyse and process millions of events per minute, compares behaviour to existing profiles, and recognises attacks in real time to automatically remedy any potential threat, all while freeing up time for IT teams.

“Security and compliance of mobile apps is challenging. EMM suites have become the mobile app security solutions of choice for many enterprise IT organisations, and while these solutions work great at broadly protecting enterprises, they are extremely limited when it comes to protecting individual apps on a user’s device, which may come under attack,” said Mark Stutzman, CEO of Appmobi.

“Protection Centre was developed to give IT leadership an easy to implement, app level solution that offers granular tracking and analysis of in-app activity, identifies security threats, and can take steps to resolve it in real time.  We created Appmobi Protection Centre to deliver a new level of easily implemented mobile app security that works with existing EMM installations or as a stand-alone mobile security solution. We believe we have accomplished that and more with Appmobi Protection Centre.”


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