Gemalto to deliver eID programme in Jordan


eID cards as well as automatic fingerprint identification systems will  reinforce national security

Gemalto, provider of digital security, has been selected by Jordan’s Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (MoICT) for the country’s ambitious new citizen ID programme.

The company will supply the Ministry of Interior (MOI) – through OFFTEC – with its Sealys polycarbonate contactless eID cards along with a comprehensive suite of Coesys enrolment, card personalisation and issuance solutions. Gemalto will deliver the eID cards as well as automatic fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) to reinforce national security, strengthen immigration controls and minimise the risk of fraud in the next elections of August 2016.

The enrolment system will be deployed in 100 civil status and passport offices, enabling MOI staff to capture the personal and biometric data of citizens for duplication-free entry onto the National Registry.

Gemalto systems will also be employed to personalise and issue smart cards at 25 dedicated centres. The citizen’s details are both laser engraved in the card and stored within its embedded microprocessor to enable officials to verify beyond doubt the identity of the holder.

The new eIDs combine state of the art digital and graphical security features and offer the Jordanian government the ability to seamlessly add new card use cases after issuance. As a result, it can leverage on initial investment and develop new secure e-gov services and applications that improve service standards and reduce administrative costs.

“For the Kingdom of Jordan, improving security, slashing ID fraud and creating a trusted infrastructure for online access are all high priorities on the agenda,” said Majd Shweikeh, Minister of Information, Communication and Technology. “The new Jordan eID card will strengthen the infrastructure required for digital signature and will enable the addition of new eGovernment Services onto the card when they are available.”

Added Frédéric Trojani, executive VP for government Pprogrammes at Gemalto: “Gemalto has the resources necessary to deliver a turnkey solution, along with millions of eID documents to a tight lead time. As well as affording greater protection to its citizens, Jordan’s adoption of this smart government platform promises a new era for the e-transformation of the country.”


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