Security still scaring mobile app downloaders


Security of permissions data is a top concern for smartphone users when registering for an app

Mobile app users are concerned about the security of their information when they register for a new app, a new survey revealed. Nearly 90% of those questioned said that security of personal information shared during the app onboarding process is “somewhat to very important”, according to B2B research firm Clutch.

The majority of app users (82%) say that understanding why they need to provide personal information and grant permissions, like location or camera access, is an important consideration when signing up for an app. App users’ concerns about security and providing personal information suggests that users place a premium on trust when it comes to app registration.

Getting app users to share personal information during the app onboarding process is all about, “the timeliness of the [information]request,” said Christine Pillsbury, co-founder of design firm altr. “Are you asking at the right time or did you just walk in on a blind date and say, ‘Let’s get married?’”

The survey found that nearly three quarters (72%) of respondents said that a 60 second or shorter onboarding process was somewhat or very important in their decision to continue using an app.

Since consumers can choose from 2.2 million apps on the Apple App Store and 2.8 million apps on Google Play, app developers and designers face stiff competition. To attract new users, app developers and designers must make their app’s value proposition clear as quickly as possible.

“The biggest mistake is not to articulate the value to the user,” said Jordan DeVries, director of UX at UX/UI firm Brave UX. “The value proposition is what tells users why they should sign up for a new app.”

The study also identifies why app users download new apps, and the types of apps they download the most.

Clutch’s 2017 UX of Mobile App Onboarding Survey included 501 individuals across the US who installed and used an app that required registration within the past three months.


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