Prediction: Top 2015 smart wireless device developments


Juniper Research has unveiled the top five developments that it claims will impact the smart wireless devices sector this year.

  • Apple Watch – Apple’s long-anticipated smartwatch launch is a game changer. Not because it offers radical new features and functions, but because it offers a best in class consumer experience, and forms part of a seamless ecosystem… and of course, it’s Apple!
  • Intel’s Wearables – Intel is betting hard on the smart devices sector with a range of chipsets. From Edison to Curie, these new chips are going to drive many smart wireless devices this year. The company also has co-branding partnerships with Open Ceremony for the MICA bracelet, SMS Audio for smart headphones, and Luxottica for smart eyewear.
  • Microsoft HoloLens – Microsoft’s bold announcement envisions consumer-friendly smart glasses that can bring AR experiences throughout the home, from watching football projected onto a wall, to playing Minecraft on the kitchen table.
  • GOQii Fitness – GOQii aims to shake up the fitness device sector with their subscription-based service. This links a user with a ‘real’ fitness coach who helps to interpret output from the fitness device and provides motivation and context for the data, which is often lacking in the fitness wearables space.
  • Google-TAG Heuer Smartwatch – This is an exciting development for the smartwatch sector, and opens up the wider premium watch market to Android Wear and Intel chips. Together with the Apple Watch launch, this signals a new phase of development for smart wear.

Juniper also forecast that hardware margins will decline for fitness and health devices over the next few years. Instead, software and services will become the prime differentiators for these devices.

Also, over 70 million accessories enabling card payments on mobile devices will be in use by 2019.



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