AppFlood gives developers control over app marketing


With a raft of new features, AppFlood offers transparency for cross-promotion network for maximum ROI

AppFlood, a cross-promotion network for buying, selling and exchanging mobile app traffic, today launched a series of updates that provide high levels of transparency, accountability and control for developers seeking to monetise or promote their mobile app or game.

The new AppFlood features directly address the lack of transparency that is still an issue with mobile advertising, with many developers finding it difficult to fully understand how best to monetise their apps and where their budgets can be most effectively spent.

By providing the accurate, in-depth insight they need to create and manage app marketing campaigns that achieve the best possible results, developers and publishers can be confident of getting the best return on their investment.

New features include the Open Direct Deal Network, Multi-Dimension Analytics and Ad Network Mediation.

'AppFlood's new features raise the bar for visibility, openness and accountability in the mobile app cross-promotion space,' said Si Shen, CEO of PapayaMobile, the company behind AppFlood. 'Transparency has become a vital competitive advantage in mobile advertising, but so far traditional mobile ad networks can't deliver the visibility developers really want. AppFlood now has the openness developers need to deliver app marketing campaigns that are targeted, flexible and effective.'

The new Open Direct Deal Network is a marketplace that combines the transparency of one-to-one direct deals between developers and publishers with the range and reach of a mobile ad network, in a single, unified platform. Multi-Dimension Analytics is a new feature that can identify potential opportunities to boost ad revenue and ROI from an app with AppFlood's advanced data mining-driven analytics.

Ad Network Mediation means developers can connect to and directly compare app performance with AppFlood partner networks including Appia, Cyberagent, Unicume, Clickky, Altrooz and Motive Interactive. It is now possible to compare an app's performance across the different networks from a single dashboard using one SDK, and adjust the campaign to improve results and boost revenue in seconds.

AppFlood provides visibility as to where traffic originates so advertisers can better determine which publishers to work with in order to optimise ¬their traffic and ROI. Conversely, AppFlood also enables publishers to decide how to distribute traffic, easily 'turn off' any underperforming advertisers, and directly negotiate pricing to maximise their return on traffic.

'By adding these new features, AppFlood is putting our money where our mouth is,' continued Shen. 'We believe the visibility and insight now provided by AppFlood puts us well ahead of the competition, and finally gives developers the level of transparency and control they need to make the most of their app marketing investment.'

AppFlood's new features are available now to all new and existing AppFlood customers. There is also an updated SDK available to developers and publishers to unlock this new functionality within their apps.


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