Apple devices are apple of enterprise eye in 2015


Use of Apple devices soared in 2015 with user preference and ease of management cited as key drivers

As Apple raises the bar of what is possible with technology across all organisations, the Apple platform continues to see an uptick in adoption within the enterprise, with user preference as the leading driver.

Enterprise participants saw an increase in the usage of Mac (68%), iPhone (46%), and iPad (36%) in 2015, and 78% say that iPhone and iPad are easier to manage than other mobile device platforms.

This is a key finding from the second annual global survey of IT professionals on Apple adoption across enterprise, key stage four (KS4) level in schools, and higher education organisations from JAMF Software, provider of Apple device management.

Apple devices are now an integral part of today’s enterprise environment. Nearly all enterprise IT professionals say that their internal teams support Mac (96%), iPad (81%), and iPhone (84%), with a total of  96% of companies support Apple.

Mac, iPad, and iPhone growth indicate increased usage of Apple devices in the enterprise because companies are looking for ways to increase productivity, reduce costs, and appeal to user preference.

IBM’s session at the 2015 JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC) on its Mac@IBM programme is a proof point for the widespread adoption of Apple in the enterprise, claimed JAMF Software. IT is seeing that less maintenance is needed for Macs; as cited during Apple’s fourth quarter earnings call, each Mac deployed by IBM is saving the company $270 compared to a traditional PC, thanks to reduced support cost and better residual value.

The adoption of Apple devices is driven by user demand. Survey findings attribute user preference as the number one reason for the increased adoption of Mac (81%) and iOS devices (84%). As organisations continue to implement user choice programmes, more and more employees are choosing Apple devices for work because this is what they prefer in their everyday lives.

Secondary factors driving Apple adoption in the enterprise include security advantages and increased productivity features, among others. IT professionals agree that Mac (75%) and iOS (82%) devices offer more security compared to other computer platforms.

Just as in the enterprise, Apple is the platform of choice for education. Over 90% of survey respondents affirm their schools or higher education institutions support the Apple platform. The growth of Mac and iPad devices in the classroom is attributed to Apple’s rich app ecosystem, overall appeal and user preference, native security features, and the reduction of overall costs associated with device maintenance.

Altogether, 94% of KS4 and 97% higher education organisations support the Apple platform. KS4 education participants report they saw an increase in the usage of Mac (42%) and iPad (36%) in 2015 . Meanwhile, higher education participants report they saw an increase in the usage of Mac (57%) and iPad (29%) in 2015.

Finally, 67% of KS4 and 81% of higher education respondents say iPad is easier to manage than other platforms.


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