Apple’s iOS jumps Android in popularity stakes


Following the launch of Apple's iPhone 5 and iOS 6, the fruity operating system has overtaken Android in marketshare during September

Apple's iOS has overtaken the Android operating system in terms of marketshare during September, thanks to the launch of iPhone 5 and iOS 6 that have boosted Apple's popularity, according to mobile marketing and advertising tech company, Velti.

iOS gained a 5% marketshare lead over Android and now accounts for 62% of mobile ad impressions compared to Android's 38%, Velti's September State of Mobile Advertising report shows. Velti also said that just under half of all iPhone 5 impressions came from the US, followed by Japan with 14%, and the UK with 8% of impressions.

Additionally, Velti data reveals that although iOS 6 saw quick adoption among a large amount of users, 11% of users have opted not to upgrade to the operating system and remain using iOS 4.

'In July and August, Android held prevalent market share in a year that was previously dominated by iOS, but September marks an end to this trend,' said Krishna Subramanian, CMO at Velti. 'We are seeing a pattern that leads us to believe the shift back to iOS domination is a result of the iOS 6 release and iPhone 5 launch. In fact, this is similar to the change we saw directly after the iPhone 4S release, when iOS volume also spiked by 5%.'

The report also reveals insight into engagement patterns of iPhone 5 early adopters. Consumers were eager to try out their favourite apps on their new devices, with consumers spending 27% of their time on social networking applications, followed by games (22%) and entertainment and utility apps (13% each).

Despite Apple's prevalence in the US and excitement around the iPhone 5 launch, other regions are not following suit. The new data shows that Samsung is the clear leader in its home market of Korea, and it is the number one smartphone manufacturer with a sizeable margin in impression share there. Apple's devices are relegated to the third and fifth places in the country (iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 respectively).

The report also shows that Samsung's Galaxy S III entered the top five devices on the exchange this month, capturing 1% of all impressions.


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