Apple’s week in a nutshell


In the news…

  • A group of hackers has claimed a $1 million bounty for remotely hacking iOS 9. The bounty for the zero-day exploit was offered by security firm Zerodium that launched the contest in September. The company was looking for an exploit that could be “deployed through a web page or text message to allow the installation of an app” on iPhone and iPad. Wired story.
  • Banks have warned customers that if they store other people’s fingerprints on their iPhones they will be treated as if they have failed to keep their personal details safe. This means the bank can decline to refund disputed transactions or refuse to help where customers claim they have been victims of fraud. The detail has been found hidden in the Ts & Cs applying to debit and credit card customers of First Direct and HSBC. The Telegraph article.
  • Apple has launched an app to allow people to map out a place’s interior, and it did so mostly without telling anyone. A new link has appeared within the app store to an app called Indoor Survey. The app appears to be part of Apple’s plans to bring more maps to the indoors. The Independent article.
  • While many aspects of new film, ‘Steve Jobs’, Aaron Sorkin’s movie about the late Apple co-founder, have come under fire, one thing is clearly accurate; Kate Winslet’s portrayal of early Mac team member Joanna Hoffman. After hearing Hoffman herself speak on Monday evening at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, it was apparent that Winslet had captured her subject’s mannerisms and accent, as well as her passion and fire. Recode article.

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