Apple’s week in a nutshell


In the news…

  • A luxury watch company has created a watch strap with a regular analogue watch face and a 38mm Apple Watch attached on the other side. If you really want two watch faces though, you have to pay for it; $9,300 (nearly £6,000) for the basic version, or an 18 karat gold version that includes the Gold Apple Watch Edition for $112,000 (£72,000). TechRadar article.
  • Apple is reportedly in talks to launch a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service in the US and Europe. Sources close to Apple say the company is secretly trialling an MVNO service in the US, but the rumour mongers have also stated Apple is in talks with telecoms companies in Europe about bringing the service there too. Business Insider article.
  • After falling 9,300 feet from a airplane, a lost iPhone not only reported its location but allowed owner Ben Wilson to make calls. The iPhone, which escaped when a pressure change caused a door latch on the passenger side of the aircraft to open, still worked, allowing its  Texan owner to make and receive calls as well as to track it down using the ‘Find My iPhone’ app. Times Record News article.
  • Apple employees are testing a voicemail service that uses Siri to answer calls and transcribe voicemail messages, delivering the transcription to the user as a text message. A cunning new plan if it’s true, as people don’t like to listen to voicemails but always check their texts. The new service is apparently being prepared for launch in 2016. Business Insider article.

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