Apple’s week in a nutshell


In the news…

  • As the US Justice Department has asked a judge to order Apple to unlock an iPhone as part of an investigation, Apple has told the judge that it “would be impossible” to access user data on a locked iPhone running one of the newer operating systems, but that it could probably help the government unlock an older phone. Wall Street Journal story.
  • Problems upon problems are being discovered with Apple’s troubled release of iOS 9.0.2. In addition to numerous existing problems, including iMessage failures and system wide broken notifications and email, the official Apple Support Communities forum has been flooded by yet more reports of the iOS 9.0.2 dedicated bug fix patch doing more harm than good. Forbes article.
  • Chinese workers who make iPhone’s are still enduring poor conditions. New York-based China Labor Watch made the allegations in a new report, and has urged Apple to raise workers’ wages at a factory it investigated in Shanghai. CNET article.
  • Security analysts have found that at least 256 apps in the iOS App store are secretly gathering iPhone owners’ email addresses, unique serial numbers, and other personally identifying information that can be used to track users. Telegraph article.

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