Bad app testing puts enterprises at risk


Poor mobile testing increases risk for businesses as dodgy apps are sent to market, giving developers a bad name

App developers are putting businesses at risk and irritating consumers through the use of poor mobile testing prior to the release of applications, stated Soasta, provider of cloud and mobile testing.

The majority of respondents to a survey of 500 IT executives stated that there are gaps in their testing approaches for apps that will lead to an increased threat for enterprises using them.

Altogether, 94% of those surveyed stated there were multiple holes in their mobile testing approach that will lead directly to significant business risk.

Ranking the top five challenges in the mobile testing industry today, the respondents pointed to development that falls behind without direct access and continuous testing on current devices using an expanding array of touch gestures, time to market delays incurred by extensive and error-prone manual testing, unknown app impact of actual device performance (CPU, network, battery), ignoring the threat of exponential mobile traffic spikes, and inexperienced testers who miss critical areas of mobile scale and functionality.

When asked 'where are the gaps in your mobile testing factory today?' the participants said automated functional testing was the biggest problem (57%), followed by real device performance (52%). This was followed by mobile testing skills at 41%, testing for mobile traffic spikes at  41%, access to the latest devices with 37%, and finally the ability to easily install mobile apps to test at  28%.

'Mobile is the driving force behind many of the major innovations of today, yet the fact that mobile functionality and performance remains unaddressed by more than 94% of the IT teams across verticals is no surprise,' said Tom Lounibos, Soasta CEO. He continued: 'Soasta has recognised these gaps in the market at an early stage and we have developed our solution to meet the demands of testers. We continue to focus our innovative approach on compressing time-to-results to assure the best mobile user experiences, which drives our customers' businesses.'

Said Jonathan Rende, vice president of products at development platform, Appcelerator: 'Mobile app users have no tolerance for apps that don't work as expected. Soasta's automated mobile testing solution allows mobile developers using Appcelerator to focus on building transformative apps, safe in the knowledge that they will meet user expectations when they are released.'


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