BlackBerry eyes content control for growth


QNX is the platform to help end users survive the data flood, says BlackBerry

BlackBerry is set to grow its position in the smartphone market through a focus on management of content, according to EMEA product manager, Roger Enright.

As consumers are inundated with ever-increasing volumes of content, the key to creating a successful operating system is to maintain a focus on the management of that content, stated Enright.

He said, referring to a certain green robot: 'Rather than jump on the nearest bandwagon, we built a solid, robust mobile computing platform. We are now moving into the pure mobile computing space and the Z10 and Q10 smartphones are the first incarnation of how we believe this area should be managed, and QNX is how we're going to continue to build that platform; QNX is the path to pure mobile computing.'

On why BB10 took so long to come to market in comparison to other operating system advances, Enright commented: 'BB10 was built from the ground up. Platforms are pretty complicated things, and it's not only the platform that needs to be developed, it's everything that goes with it. We've been working with developers and have come up with some great applications like Peek and Flow. Some of these features have taken a while to engineer, but they are there for a reason.'

Today, everything is about how you manage the huge amount of content everyone receives or is expected to browse through, Enright said. The volume of this data, generated by texts, instant messages, emails and social media, will only be exasperated by 4G networks that will simply allow even more data to be pumped through networks and onto consumers' mobile devices, he noted.

'A lot of content you accumulate through messaging, and now, in a 4G world, you'll receive even more,' Enright remarked. 'So for us as a platform developer, it's about how you sift through that information and make it relevant to you, and make you more efficient. Our user experience designs help you manage all the content being blasted at you, and that's where we put our mindset with BB10 to move forward.

'I'm fully satisfied with BB10,' concluded Enright.


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