Brits fail to embrace mobile working


Almost two thirds of Brits are not using smartphones to their full potential and missing out on leisure time

British workers are failing to make the most of mobile technology so are spending unnecessary time in the office at their desks when they could be out having fun, a new study has shown.

Nearly half of the UK (46%) spent their Easter break working, according to Microsoft Lumia with 60% of people working from their office during the public holiday, meaning they missed out on quality time with their friends and family.

Even with the advances of modern day technology, nearly half of workers (46%) in the UK are still spending a full working day, five days a week at their office desk despite employers offering more flexible working hours to suit their personal lives. Yet nearly a third (30%) of people agreed that their smart device is essential to their jobs.

Even though one in five of people in the UK use their smartphones for work purposes, 58% of the country confesses that they do not use their smartphone to its full potential. For example, 37% admitted that although they are aware their phone has document editing equipment on it such as Word and Excel, they have never used it, and 21% have missed a work deadline due to not being able to edit from their mobile device.

Although the survey findings suggested that the UK seem to spend the majority of their time at the office, the results also showed that a third of people say smartphones can make them more efficient especially in their personal and social life as 67% text friends and family and 50% use Facebook on a daily basis.

Nikki Moore, technology expert, presenter and author of commented on the results: “As technology evolves and smartphones get better, maximising productivity and managing your own work life balance has never been easier. I still find it quite surprising though that people don’t use their smartphones to a greater extent. Personally, my smartphone is my lifeline and the most efficient way to keep up with my blog, check my emails and social media. As a lover of all things tech, I’m always on the lookout for the next best thing that can increase my productivity and output.”

Adam Johnson, marketing director at Microsoft’s mobile devices group in the UK and Ireland, said: “At Microsoft we want to empower people to achieve more of what they want to do. We think this can be done by working smarter and getting more done on the move; so that when you get home, you can find time for yourself, your friends and your family.”



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