Brits suffer digital dementia for mobiles


UK citizens feel lost without their mobiles after just 13 minutes as addiction spreads

British people check their mobiles 45 times per day according to a new study that has revealed the people of the UK are addicted to mobile.

As well as suffering from recognised illness Nomophobia, which is the fear of being without your mobile, Brits are at risk of coming down with a documented illness for the effects of over reliance on electronic devices, known as Digital Dementia.

According to the study, one third of Brits check their phone first thing in the morning on waking, and four in ten (39%) check their phone last thing at night before going to sleep. Brits cannot stand to be too far from their devices either, with 44% needing to have their phone within arm's reach all the time.

Similarly, when it comes to the important role mobiles now play in our lives, a third of British people think their smartphone is easier to use than their laptop or PC, according to the study from Assurant Solutions, a global provider of specialised insurance and insurance-related products.

Even more surprising, a quarter of Brits believe their mobile is more helpful than their friends and family on a day to day basis, and 18% even find their phone more helpful than their partner.

Simon Harrison, sales director, UK and Ireland for Assurant Solutions, commented: 'We use our mobiles for everything, from shopping, banking, emailing, to listening to music and playing games. The mobile has become more than just a device for making phone calls, and our research shows how much we rely on it as part of our everyday life. With that in mind, it's surprising how many people still don't insure their devices, which protects against theft and loss, and also against the loss of data, including music, photos and emails.'


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