Candy Crush rules Android and iOS gamers


Major mobile games enjoying a higher penetration rate on Android than on iOS

Top mobile games have very high engagement rates among their users, especially when compared to other types of applications, new research shows.

While these rates vary across titles and mobile operating systems, new data reveals two distinct categories of games; those that are very heavily used on a weekly basis and those that have a consistent, but more casual usage pattern.

According to ABI Research for Mobidia Technology, provider of mobile analytics, with some exceptions, major mobile games generally enjoy a higher penetration rate on Android than on iOS. Some would suggest that this is driven by a greater number of blockbuster applications available on the iOS platform which increases fragmentation and decreases penetration per app, claimed ABI Research.

Figures for 2013 show that weekly engagement rates can reach as high as 80% for top games, compared to the average engagement for the top 50 games across the industry, which is about 55%.

Commented Aapo Markkanen, senior analyst, ABI Research: 'With the rapidly changing mobile application business models and growing competition, it is more important than ever to have intelligence on apps' entire lifecycles. This is especially true in the mobile gaming market, which is the most competitive part of today's app economy. Mobidia's mobile data provides insight to spot and understand user trends.'

Candy Crush Saga leads the pack in penetration, engagement and usage at just under 80% engagement worldwide. This research data certainly supports the storied popularity of the app. Worldwide, Android players in this panel averaged about four hours per week in usage time.

Candy Crush is followed by Worlds With Friends Free at around 75% engagement, and in third place Deer Hunter at about 65%. Top titles further down the list include Angry Birds in eighth place with around 46%, with Angry Birds Star Wars and Fruit Ninja Free both tying in ninth place on the 43% mark.

Noted Chris Hill, vice president of marketing at Mobidia: 'Games continued to be on the top of smartphone users' list of key experiences in 2013. To really understand which ones are valued and played, and where the trends are heading, it is critical to understand metrics beyond simple downloads and installs. Analysing engagement and usage metrics is the only way to truly understand this market.'


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