China Mobile partners with ZTE and Qualcomm


New 4G LTE-A service in Guangzhou offers downlink rates of more than 300Mbps for users with new CAT 9 handsets, tripling the speeds of existing TD-LTE networks

ZTE Corporation, a provider of telecoms and mobile enterprise and consumer technology, has announced it is supporting China Mobile in the deployment of 3-carrier aggregation (3CA) 4G LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) services based on CAT 9 devices. To create faster mobile speeds, 3-CA is where three spectrum bands are aggregated.

With the new China Mobile 3-CA service in Guangzhou, users with CAT 9 devices powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with X10 LTE may enjoy downlink (DL) data rates of over 300Mbps, more than triple the speeds of existing time division LTE (TD-LTE) networks. As a provider of radio access and core networks, ZTE supported the upgrade of China Mobile’s network without a major overhaul of its existing infrastructure and software.

LTE-A, defined within 3GPP R10 and following releases, will help 4G LTE networks evolve and attain 1Gbps data rates on DL and 500Mbps for uplink (UL). As one of the key techniques within LTE-A, carrier aggregation multiplies network transmission speeds, by combining two or three continuous or non-continuous carrier bands together. Eventually, an even higher number of carrier bands may be combined.

Since the deployment of carrier aggregation involves the upgrading of every single aspect of a network, commercialisation is a prolonged process of evolution, ZTE stated. The commercial deployment of 3-CA is a breakthrough for LTE-A development, the company claimed, giving operators increased network capabilities to provide superior user experience to subscribers.

ZTE is committed to the commercialisation and development of the LTE-A ecosystem. At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ZTE partnered with China Mobile and Qualcomm Technologies to successfully demonstrate TD-LTE DL 3CA services with commercial terminals for the first time.

The commercial 3CA LTE-A network launch in Guangzhou was the culmination of seamless cooperation between the three companies. ZTE will continue to enhance its cooperation with partners in LTE-A commercialisation in order to improve the mobile broadband experience for end users.



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