Connected cars must “enhance customer relationship”


Vehicle-related information provides meaningful service to consumers

While much of the focus on the connected car is around infotainment, location-based services, and providing big data to the OEM, another aspect that cannot be overlooked is the opportunity to enhance the customer’s relationship with the OEM, stated research firm Strategy Analytics.

Providing vehicle-related information and services while outside the vehicle gives another touch point and the opportunity to provide meaningful and beneficial services that enhance the brand perception of the OEM, noted Strategy Analytics.

Surveying consumers in the US, Western Europe, and China, Strategy Analytics found that these services provide great benefits for consumers, OEMs, and dealers alike. Consumers have convenient access to vehicle information either in-vehicle or via a mobile device; and in the case of faults, more knowledge about the issue with which to communicate to the service centre.

The majority of respondents in the US and China were interested or very interested in each feature surveyed, while consumer interest in Western Europe was strong for several such services. Importantly for dealers, consumers were more likely to want to share vehicle data with dealers than they were with independent garages.

Chris Schreiner, director, user experience innovation practice (UXIP) and report author commented: “The challenge for OEMs when providing these services is to increase user awareness and make it easy for the consumer to receive and access the information. The more pertinent the information provided, the more likely that consumers will be connected to their cars when outside of them.”

Kevin Nolan, VP, UXIP added: “OEMs will need to work more closely with dealers to educate them about the benefits these types of features have for them, and better train their sales staff on how to use them so they can make new buyers aware.”


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