Docomo Digital launches for next gen m-commerce


NTT Docomo launches provider of seamless mobile commerce solutions

In January 2016, Japan’s largest mobile network operator, NTT Docomo, set up Docomo Digital in London as a new global business operation aimed at advancing mobile commerce.

Docomo Digital, which will exhibit at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, is the European-based operation unit of NTT Docomo. It is an advanced mobile commerce ecosystem-enabling platform provider, which aims to encourage financial inclusion for citizens worldwide by bringing together mobile network operators, digital and real-world merchants, financial services providers, regulators and other parties to make consumer transactions convenient, safe and with universal coverage.

Docomo Digital has created the tools and infrastructure to provide seamless mobile commerce solutions for ecosystem participants across the world. The company actively addresses regulatory and commercial issues between parties and operates a global banking-grade technical platform on which mobile commerce ecosystems can be securely built and managed.

Hiroyuki Sato, CEO at Docomo Digital, said: “Since 2009 we have patiently built and developed Docomo Digital into an organisation that can drive the evolution of mobile commerce. We are excited about the future of mobile and believe that it is the most logical pathway to achieving true, global financial inclusion for everyone.”

Utilising the expertise from parent company NTT Docomo as well as from the acquisition of international mobile commerce providers and specialists, including Net Mobile and Buongiorno, Docomo Digital has created a comprehensive suite of products and services.

The company supports stakeholders by building and operating digital media platforms, mobile payment services, such as direct carrier billing and mobile wallet, as well as offering technical support, mobile commerce consultancy and financial services through banking and e-money licenses.

Docomo Digital believes it is important to make its platforms safe for all users and fair to operators and merchants. It has worked with regulators, banks and merchants to ensure the goods and services that people want and need are accessible to them.

Sato continued: “We have brought together key assets and capabilities to enable mobile commerce for mobile network operators, digital and real-world service providers, merchants and regulators. In a nutshell, we provide expertise, technology and operational services to bring to life next generation mobile commerce platforms.”

A number of global commerce partnerships have already begun, including projects with major mobile network operators, retailers, content providers and social network platforms.

The company’s goal to achieve truly global financial inclusion extends to banked and unbanked customers. It believes that being able to contribute to and participate in the digital economy should be universal, regardless of whether individuals have a bank account or not.

Docomo Digital is Japanese-owned and benefits from its experience in Japan, but it is an international global company and present on 6 continents through nearly 1,000 people of 50 nationalities in 35 offices. Main offices of the company are London, Dusseldorf, Milan, Madrid, Paris and Florence.


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