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Wireless button launches on Kickstarter aiming to raise $80,000

Droplet, a smart, wireless button that can be attached to anything, has launched on Kickstarter to raise money to develop the technology.

Droplet can be used to reliably track activities such as household chores, fitness goals and taking medication, by tapping the button. Once a task is completed and the user has pressed the Droplet button, their progress is recorded through a dedicated app, setting a habit-forming process in motion.

The smartphone app, available on iOS and Android, only sends reminders if the user forgets to complete the task required. Since Droplet is around 2.5cm in diameter, it can be placed right next to the object or activity the user intends it to track.

It is impossible to ignore Droplet as unlike a simple calendar app, users need to tap the button to clear the reminder so they cannot simply swipe the screen of their smartphone or press snooze to ignore. With the included smart hub, activities are always tracked even when a phone is out of battery or in another room.

The Droplet platform extends beyond tracking and reminders. Droplet can be configured to trigger an online action with just a tap of the button, such as reordering essentials when running low, logging work hours in a spreadsheet, or sending automated texts when leaving the office.

Users can also assist parents and grandparents with medication routines by setting up Droplet in their home. Since Droplet can send emails or voice messages, they do not need a smartphone to use it. Users can set a parent’s Droplet to send them a message if they forget to take a pill or need help getting a refill.

Co-founder Joshua Newth explained: “We know how often reminders on phones can be ignored, and end up being more of a hindrance than a help. With Droplet, we are creating something physical, simple, and habit-forming, to help people achieve their goals. With the support of the Kickstarter community, we can help people improve their daily lives.”

Droplet was created by engineers from Stanford University with a passion for using technology to simplify lives. The result is a device that melds hardware and software into a tiny, sleek package. Designed for everyone, from those needing a reminder to water the plants to those trying to make life improvements, Droplet gives that little extra push.

Based in San Francisco, the company is developing connected, smart devices.




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