EE TV enables remote mobile viewing


New ‘Recordings To Go’ feature allows EE TV users to record their favourite free to view programmes to their mobile or tablet to watch while out and about

Mobile provider, EE today unveiled Recordings To Go, a new unique feature designed to set new standards in how consumers access and watch the TV they love. For the first time in the UK, TV lovers can select content from any of EE TV’s 70-plus free to view channels to record and then transfer to a mobile device as soon as it has aired.

Whether customers choose to catch up on the soaps on holiday or watch the football highlights on the way to work, EE TV is the only service that allows users to enjoy all their favourite TV whenever and wherever they want it, setting a new benchmark for the TV industry.

What is more, unlike other TV services, once the content has been transferred to a mobile device, it will remain there until the user deletes it.

Customers can manage and set their recordings while out of the house using the EE TV app, meaning that they will never miss their favourite shows.

With the updated EE TV mobile app, customers can now use an EPG offering the same view as on the set top box to scroll through all upcoming free to view channels, days and times to find out what’s on and select the future shows they want to transfer.

They can select the programme as a Recording To Go and once it is recorded, transfer it to their phone or tablet over their home Wi-Fi, ready to be enjoyed whenever or wherever.

The app update also includes a new Recordings To Go hub on the main menu of the EE TV app, which is available regardless of connection status. The new hub makes it easy for users to view all of their Recordings To Go into one convenient place.

Any future programmes on free to view channels can be set as a recording to go.

Simeon Bird, director of home broadband and TV, EE said: “We’re continually looking at ways to offer new, exciting and innovative TV features to our customers and now we’ve made EE TV truly mobile. With Recordings To Go, we’re giving users unique control over how and where they choose to watch TV, whether that’s on a train, bus, tube or even a plane.”


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