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Award winning student entrepreneur launches mobile game for football predictions

Today FooGuru, a football predictions application, has launched on iPhone. The free app lets users predict the outcome of football matches and challenge their friends, family and colleagues to see who really knows best about the beautiful game. With the World Cup less than two months away, FooGuru comes at the perfect time to revolutionise the sweepstake. The interactive game allows players to predict the outcome of each game, with one point awarded for each correct guess. Played in user-generated leagues, the winner in FooGuru is the person who comes top of the table by correctly predicting the most results. Users can join public leagues, or set up invitation only competitions with friends and can post predictions and league standings across Twitter and Facebook for each round of fixtures. Danny Hakimian, CEO and founder at FooGuru said: 'FooGuru is the result of having to write down predictions on the back of a napkin whilst debating upcoming football fixtures with friends. Now the app allows you to prove that you do have the knowledge to back up your opinion.  It is available now for the business end of the Premier League season and we can't wait to see who can predict the surprise results at the World Cup this summer. Users can play for points and pride, proving once and for all that they are a 'football guru'.'


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