Google launches Android Wear


Extends Android out to wearable devices

Google has announced that later this year it will release Android Wear, which allows developers to extend their mobile apps out to wearable technology.

This week Google launched the Android Wear Developer Preview, which lets developers create wearable experiences for their existing Android apps and see how they will appear on square and round Android wearables, so nothing is missed out.

Developer's app notifications will already appear on Android wearables and starting now, they can sign up for the Android Wear Developer Preview. Developers can use the emulator provided to preview how their apps will look and behave, as well as create new functionality for wearable technology.

This includes the ability to use voice to ask questions, get glanceable, actionable information at just the right time throughout the day, plus access a wide range of sensors is available to your applications, from accelerometers to heart rate monitors.

Developers can also trigger notifications on Android Wear contextually using existing Android APIs. For example, using geofences to provide glanceable information to users when they are at home, or using the activity detection APIs to send messages to users' wrists while they are bicycling.

Google stated that later this year it will be launching the Android Wear SDK, enabling even more customised experiences. Up till then, developers are able to play with the Android Wear Developer Preview.

Google added it is working with several partners to bring users watches powered by Android Wear later this year. Partners include HTC, Fossil, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Qualcomm and Asus.


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