IMImobile adds ‘bot’ support for Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger Platform’s addition of ‘bots’ supported by IMImobile  

Mobile customer engagement software and services company, IMImobile, has announced that following Facebook’s F8 conference, it supports Facebook Messenger in its IMIconnect cloud communications platform, and IMIchat, its contact centre software application.

Machine-led interactions, particularly those announced by Facebook this week with its ‘bots’ to be used on the Messenger Platform, are set to increase, said IMImobile. As such, the IMIconnect cloud communications platform that enables enterprises to communicate to any consumer, anywhere in the world, through a single API which supports telecom, in-app and OTT messaging channels, now includes added support for Facebook Messenger as a channel.

This support for Facebook Messenger will allow engagement with an additional 900 million users. The platform enables rapid development, and orchestration of communication flows between enterprise systems and customers on mobile devices as well as provisioning of services.

IMIchat, a software application for contact centres, will also now enable agents to utilise Facebook Messenger for two-way interactive conversations with customers and allow enterprises to deliver real time, contextual customer service.

Jay Patel, chief executive at IMImobile, commented: “We have seen a significant shift in consumer behaviour over recent years, with people increasingly using their mobiles to interact with businesses and messaging emerging as the dominant channel on mobile devices. This has led to a shift in the requirements of marketing and customer support within organisations, and this will only accelerate with the introduction of ‘bots’ for Facebook’s Messenger Platform, as announced at F8 this week.

“We currently process billions of customer interactions for our clients across different digital touchpoints and expect that machine-led interactions will revolutionise customer support and engagement over the next few years.”


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