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Inside Secure first to market with secure element IP solution

Inside Secure, provider of embedded security solutions for mobile and connected devices, has introduced a new approach to embedding a robust security platform in mobile devices to fortify and protect them against system integrity attacks.

The first of its kind, the power-optimised Inside Secure VaultIP solution provides a set of certification-ready hardware IP modules. Chip makers can use this standalone or in ARM TrustZone architecture to quickly and cost effectively embed hardware secure elements in their mobile designs.

With VaultIP security, mobile devices are better able to protect data in banking, payment and ticketing applications, secure identity and communications in enterprise, health care and government applications. It also supports content protection and DRM systems in media and entertainment applications.

'This breakthrough offering is a direct result of our acquisition of ESS. It demonstrates how the combination of our collective expertise in silicon IP and secure element technologies enables Inside Secure to deliver an embedded security platform that provides both software and hardware system integrity to protect a wide variety of applications,' said Dr. Simon Blake-Wilson, executive vice president of the mobile security division at Inside Secure.

'This certification-ready silicon IP approach will enable our customers to get their products to market more quickly and more easily attain relevant security validations, including EMVCo, GlobalPlatform, FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certifications,' he added.

The value of the confidential data routinely held in today's smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices has spawned the development of a diverse range of increasingly sophisticated software and hardware attacks aimed at threatening their security. As a result, the risk of data theft or compromise for businesses and individuals alike is increasing exponentially.

The VaultIP solution protects confidential data, including cryptographic keys and other sensitive assets, preventing unsecured access. It securely stores root keys and enforces key management policies in hardware, ensuring that keys are never exposed to the kinds of vulnerabilities inherent in handling by software.

The VaultIP solution forms the foundation for mobile device security by providing a protected area within which trusted applications can execute without disturbance, tampering or eavesdropping by any of these attack methods. When used in conjunction with a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), the VaultIP solution ensures the integrity of the TEE by providing an additional layer of defence to anchor the system and enable 360-degree security for mobile devices.

VaultIP complements Inside Secure's existing portfolio on mobile security solutions by providing an optional hardware-based foundation for the software solutions and designed to operate in conjunction with the stand-alone VaultSE chips to offer optimal security.


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