iPass expands network footprint by 50%


Reach extends across 130 countries and territories and millions of community hotspots around the globe

iPass, a provider of mobile services for enterprises and telecom service providers, has announced that it has grown its global Wi-Fi network by nearly half from the fourth quarter of 2013.

In the fourth quarter of 2013, iPass hotspots hit 2,190,000, compared to 1,490,000 one year before. This makes iPass' footprint more than twice the size of the nearest competitor. The iPass Mobile Network currently covers 130 countries and territories as well as millions of other community hotspots across the world.

'Business travellers need to stay connected and productive on increasingly faster networks wherever they are,' said iPass' Marcio Avillez, vice president of network services. 'In order to keep pace with an increasing demand for connectivity, we have grown our network from approximately 100,000 hotspots in 2008 to 2.2 million today.

'We have also grown our footprint in the US nearly 250% since last quarter, recognising that the US is one of the top countries for global inbound travel,' continued Avillez. 'Wi-Fi is the preferred connectivity option for billions of users and devices across the globe, and we feel uniquely positioned to take advantage of the exploding demand. We look forward to expanding our reach even further in 2014.' iPass provides Wi-Fi coverage to 95% of the world's top one hundred airports (as measured by passenger volume). In addition, iPass subscribers can access in-flight Wi-Fi services on many global airline carriers- iPass is available on 2,000 aircraft representing over 6,000 domestic flights per day.


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